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With increasing numbers of children and young people identifying outside the gender binary of male and female, there are few resources for practitioners which will enable them to understand and make sense of the gender identity issues people are dealing with.

As a result of this, we have developed a one day training event for practitioners entitled Building Your Compass.  The premise for this training is that this issue is "unchartered waters" for most practitioners, and when presented with a gender non conforming child or young person, the immediate priority becomes practical considerations and pastoral responsibilities, usually without much previous understanding of gender identity.

This day will provide an opportunity to understand the wider frameworks around gender identity, exploring how gender identity is formed and what the different ideological positions about it are.  Including numerous case studies and scientific evidence, it will be a thoroughly practical day rooted in robust research.


Building Your Compass training has already been described as "excellent" and as "one of the best training sessions I've been on".  


Training Details:


Building Your Compass training runs from 10am - 5pm.  It includes three sessions, separated by lunch and a coffee break.


Session 1: Context 

How do we develop our gender identity?  Exploring neuroscience and gendered socialisation, this session will look at nature and nurture.  It will also include key language around gender identity and will explore the types of oppression trans* people are subjected to.

Session 2: Compass

Presenting the four main ideological positions related to gender identity, this session will focus on the conflicting and often opposing positions taken on key issues by each ideology.  Participants will be invited to build their own compass, with the ideological positions taking different points on their compass.

Session 3: Case Studies

Having considered the different ideological approaches, this session will provide a set of case studies to work through.  How does our compass direction work when pastorally supporting gender non conforming children and young people?  By proactively considering potential scenarios, we can begin formulating strategies and support plans, in advance of potential situations with those struggling with gender identity challenges.

Training Cost


Organisations can book the DAY Programme to come and deliver this training to their staff, or to a multi-agency group within their local area. Cost: £1000 

Individuals can express interest in attending Building Your Compass Training and once we have enough interested individuals, we will organise a Training Event.  Individual training places are £100 per person.


If you are interested in Building Your Compass training as either an individual or as an organisation please email

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