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We are passionate about giving you the tools to work with young people, equipping them to understand and address domestic abuse in their lives, their friend's lives and in the wider community.  We want to encourage individuals and organisations to build on the foundations we have developed in DAY with their own ideas and innovation.  So often we uphold structures to the detriment of the values with which the structures were created.  In light of this we encourage DAY trained organisations and individuals to develop the DAY material, building on the DAY Core Principles to "PROCEED safely".

Power and control is the motivation for domestic abuse.

Right use of power in all delivery.

Ownership and entitlement are the core beliefs of an abuser.

Challenging societal messages is integral to stopping domestic abuse.

Encouraging critical thinking in young people is crucial.

Equality of opportunity across all delivery.

Development and innovation by Session Leaders is integral to course delivery.


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