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DAY+ Christian Version is suitable for those working with young people within the Christian Community e.g. youth workers, vicars, pastors, schools workers.  Full DAY Training for DAY+ Christian Version will enable Session Leaders to address domestic abuse from a Christian perspective covering Biblical teaching and theology.  Topics covered include:


  • Jesus' model for relationhips 

  • Headship

  • Submission

  • Creation Ordinance

  • Forgiveness

  • Sex before marriage

  • Prayer

  • Divorce


DAY+ Christian Version gives young people the skills needed to understand Bible passages in context and with a wider hermeneutical framework.  Those trained to run DAY+ Christian Version will also be trained to run DAY enabling them take DAY into schools, secular youth groups, youth offending etc.  For details of what is covered in DAY training please CLICK HERE. 


If you would like to arrange DAY+ Christian Version training, please email

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